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We are offering a qualitative assortment of Automatic Polarimeter which is basically used to measure angle of rotation and specific optical rotation of optically active substance. It has a built in auto controlling system and displays the optical rotation directly within a short duration as soon as the sample filled tube in placed. Our Polarimeter is widely acknowledged for accurate measurement, quick & easy discrimination between right-handed sugars and left-handed sugars. They are widely used in various industries and in college and universities.

Details :
  • The Polarimeter essentially consists of a pair of polarisers arrange in a straight line, one of which (analyzer) can be rotated with respect to the other (polariser) and the rotation measured on a divided circle.
  • The circular scales are finely marked on a 10cm diameter circle both in angular measure and in International Sugar Scale.
  • The smallest division on angular scale is 1oISS
  • The Sugar Scale is calibrated between -30o(for Laboratory substances) and +130oISS
  • The Scale is properly illuminated to facilitate reading.

  • Maximum Length of tubes which this model can take is 400mm; smaller tubes can also be used.   
  • The tubes supplied have a bubble trap.
  • Polaroid Sheets used for polarishing the incident light.
  • Glass circular scale finely marked in angular degrees and also in ISS degrees. The range on ISS
  • Scale is from -30o to +130o.
  • Permanent focus : Once the dividing line is focused for the eye. The focus is not disturbedby
  • inserting tubes containing solutions, regardless of the nature of solution or of the length of the tube.
  • Permanent good definition even with difficult liquids.
  • Rotating half shadow Effect.
  • Provision for attaching lamp to the instrument thus keeping alignment correct at all times.

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